Consulting on improving the functionality of credit bureaus in Ukraine

Source of Funding: Federal Minsitry of Finance

Mandatary: KfW

Period: 2011 – 2012

In Ukraine, there are currently 7 active credit bureaus, whose functionality many feel could be significantly improved – at the moment, they are unable to fulfill their economic responsibilities as well as they could. The goal of this project was to suggest improvements to the functionality of these credit bureaus.

In the course of our consultation, we focused on two levels: a technical level and a political level. Our technical consultation consisted of identifying problem areas and weak points in the operational activities of the bureaus and suggesting solutions based on German and international experience. Our political consultation focused on securing political support for the implementation of such a reform plan.

In the framework of this project, several comprehensive studies were carried out, whose recommendations were presented both bilaterally to high-level decision-makers in Kiev and in an expert seminar in the presence of government representatives, banks, international financial institutions, and other stakeholders.

Final Report: “Improving the Framework of Credit Bureaus’ Operations: Key Recommendations”