Development of renewable energies in Ukraine: Potentials, constraints and policy recommendations

Source of Funding: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Period: 2010

The main part of the energy production capacities in Ukraine have to be renewed within the next two decades. Therefore enormous investments will be needed, which should result in an economically and ecologically reasonable share of nuclear power, conventional energy production and renewable energies.

The study analysis the challenges for an expansion of renewable energies in Ukraine. Until now the government┬┤s goals for the development of renewable energies have been far below the country┬┤s economical and technical possibilities, but the adaptation of these goals has been slow so far.

The study gives a basis for this adaptation as it presents the positive economical and social effects of more ambitious goals regarding renewable energies. At the same time it proposes measures to overcome administrative and technical constraints for renewable energy projects.