Economic Monitor

The “Economic Monitor” provides an overview over the most important economic indicators and also offers an assessment of current topics by the German Econmic Team. The Monitor is a semi-annual publication. You can register on the right side of this page if you want to receive the Economic Monitor and other publications by Berlin Economics.

Latest Issues


Economic Monitor Armenia

Issue 2 | January 2020

  • Export potential of the agro-food sector
  • Increase of minimum wage by 24%
  • Effectiveness of free economic zones
  • Armenia, the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union


Economic Monitor Belarus

Issue 11 | January 2020

  • Investment study
  • New initiatives to support SMEs
  • Agricultural exports


Economic Monitor Georgia

Issue 11 | January 2020

  • Agro-food exports
  • Banking sector
  • Capital markets


Economic Monitor Moldova

Issue 11 | January 2020

  • The new government
  • Improving the business climate
  • Reform concept for the Investment Promotion Agency
  • Intercity bus market in Moldova


Economic Monitor Ukraine

Issue 11 | January 2020

  • Labour migration
  • Reform agenda of the government
  • IMF programme
  • Reform proposals of German business in Ukraine
  • Gas transit deal


Economic Monitor Uzbekistan

Issue 1 | August 2019

  • Development Strategy 2017-2021
  • Tax reform
  • Banking sector
  • Export potential of textile products
  • Reform of free economic zones