Gagauzia Investment Forum at Comrat

On 23 October 2020, the Gagauzia Investment Forum was held at Comrat, Autonomous Province of Moldova. The Managing Director of Berlin Economics Dr. Ricardo Giucci was invited to give a “Key-note speech” on the impact of the Corona crisis on the Moldovan economy and Gagauzia as a location of investment. The speech was followed by a panel discussion in which the Moldovan Minister of Economy, the Head of the Economic Council of the Prime Minister and the Director of the Investment Agency participated. Gagauzia hopes to benefit in particular from the trend of so-called nearshoring.

The Forum was opened by the Moldovan Prime Minister Ion Chicu and the Governor of Gagauzia Mrs Irina Vlah. The event was attended by political representatives and, in particular, many representatives of companies from the EU, Turkey and Russia. German investors are also showing growing interest in Gagauzia.

Berlin Economics together with Vogler Economic Development Consultants supports the Gagauzien Investment Agency in strategic planning, coaching and workshops as part of a project implemented by GIZ.

Presentation Dr. Giucci at Investment Forum

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