Initiative Energy Efficiency

Initiative Energy Efficiency Ukraine

BE Berlin Economics GmbH, the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, the  Kompetenzzentrum Großsiedlungen (Development Competence Center) e.V., the Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (Initiative Wohnungswirtschaft Osteuropa, or IWO) e.V., and the German Energy Agency have been working together on the “Initiative Energy Efficiency Ukraine” since 2015.

The goal of the initiative is to improve energy efficiency in outdated housing stock in Ukraine and modernize the heating supply.

The partners affiliated with this project will bring their know-how and years of experience in this area to the reform process. All of the partners involved have years of experience in the fields of economic cooperation, communal infrastructure, energy efficiency, and the residential and construction sectors in Eastern Europe. Dialogue with local and regional actors will also be important, especially recently-founded property owner associations, their representatives, and NGOs.

In order to implement the reforms successfully, they will need to be accompanied by broad funding and financing programs suited to the needs and opportunities of the property owners. This requires a comprehensive information campaign and the organizational support of the owners. Aside from that, the capacities of project planning and leadership must be significantly built up.

Job opportunities – tax revenue – supply security

The modernization of housing stock will create job opportunities throughout the country, and furthermore generate increased tax revenue. A reduction in energy usage will also reduce dependence on energy imports, contributing to the security of the country’s energy supply. Such a foundation can help to convey the national government’s reform initiatives and provide sound feedback. The advice and support of Ukrainian specialists, along with German expert support for these energy efficiency projects, should secure and accelerate the implementation of the ongoing reforms.

The complete press release can be found with the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations.