Lecture at the Federal Academy for Security Policy

On 13 April Ricardo Giucci, managing director of Berlin Economics, presented the analysis “The Eurasian Economic Union: Analysis from a trade policy perspective” in the context of a seminar on security policy at the Federal Academy for Security Policy. In the first part of the presentation Mr Giucci gave an overview over the members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), the economic importance of the Union for world trade and EU trade.

Furthermore he provided information about the current state of internal trade and barriers in trade with third countries. Based on these economic indicators, he analysed the economic impact of the Union on its member states and its role in regional integration processes in the second part of the presentation. Finally Mr Giucci evaluated the possibility of negotiations between the EAEU and the EU, the Union’s attractiveness for foreign investors and finished with an outlook on future scenarios. For more detailed information, please find the complete analysis under the following link.