Good Economic Policy is Essential

With our economic advice, we contribute to the stability and economic growth of emerging and transitioning countries.



Economic stability and sustainable growth are fundamental requirements for the socio-economic development of a country.

We help societies develop their own opportunities.

Our Consulting Concept

Since the foundation of Berlin Economics, quality has been a trademark of our work, contributing to the long-term satisfaction of our clients and the trust of our partners.

Direct Access & Trust-based Cooperation

Berlin Economics advises high-level decision-makers in ministries and other national institutions, including regulation offices and central banks, on strategic questions of economic policy.

We have established direct access to economic decision-makers through years of trust-based cooperation and high-quality advice. Thanks to Berlin Economics’ professional reputation, we can maintain access to target institutions – even after changes in government or personnel.

We share our local insight concerning political developments with our clients, allowing them to take current developments into consideration when formulating their strategies and approaches to foreign partners.

Local Experience & Pragmatism Instead of One-Size-Fits-All

The recommendations of international experts often fail when implemented due to a lack of country-specific knowledge. We at Berlin Economics do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions – we know that every challenge is unique.

Our consultation draws not only from our knowledge of the political decision-making process, but also from the specific institutional conditions of the country, allowing us to provide recommendations tailored to each context.

Our Imperative: To Include the Local Perspective

Aside from detailed country knowledge, we regard the inclusion of the local perspective as a prerequisite for successful consultation. For this reason, cooperation with local partner institutions is an integral part of our consulting concept. Dialogue with local economic associations, NGOs, and think tanks ensures the inclusion of the local perspective and experience, and thus the practicality of our recommendations.

For our clients, our emphasis on including multiple perspectives and our long-term local presence provides confidence in our work.

Thematic Breadth – Sound Advice

In order to be able to react quickly and competently to the fast-paced, complex economic demands of countries in transition, Berlin Economics maintains a large network of subject experts with long-term practical experience. This allows us to take on clients’ specialized demands quickly and effectively.

A significant trademark of our consultation services’ quality is its analytical foundation, tied to practical experience. Complex economic issues require conscientious data collection and careful interpretation. At Berlin Economics, we know how to produce these analyses, and how to make them user-friendly for the reader.

Careful Analysis – Clear Results

We place a great deal of value on simple, precise presentation of clear results. Our consultation material should enrich debate and simplify the decision-making process, not make it more complicated. We present our results concisely, transparently, and with a focus on the central points.

In agreement with our clients, we publish our written consulting material – thus contributing to the objectivity and clarity of economic policy debates, especially in and around Eastern Europe.

Dialogue & Exchange

Berlin Economics serves as an intermediary for our clients and those we are advising. We remain in constant contact with all stakeholders, reporting on project progress and the results of our work. Our clients benefit from our close contacts and our country knowledge, especially when conceptualizing new project plans and in informational conversations.

We work closely with economic associations and offices, and companies inform us of current demands in the business environment. Berlin Economics helps to recognize and evaluate the entire field of economic development.

Independent Recommendations

At Berlin Economics, we place the highest priority on our independence, without which we would not be able to defend the relevance of our recommendations. In the identification of relevant topics, we are not limited to specific research interests or subject to the influence of interest groups. The topics of our studies are determined more by the demands of those we are advising, rather than those supplying us with funding.

We hold these principles as points of pride in our advising services, and have remained true to them since the foundation of the organization.