Cooperation Partners

Berlin Economics has a long-established, excellent network with leading economic research institutes in several transition countries. These contacts enable us to draw on an extensive number of local experts in all relevant fields of our work, further tailoring our analytical capabilities to the specific needs of the client.

Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting (IER)


The IER Kiev is the leading economic think tank in Ukraine, founded by the Ukrainian Government and the German Advisory Group in 1999. The aim of the institute is to provide policy advice to decision-makers, inside and outside the government, on the basis of sound economic research.

Expert Grup

The Expert Grup is an independent economic research institute in the Republic of Moldova. The aim of the Expert Grup is to contribute to the economic, political and social development as well as support the international competitive enhancement of the Republic of Moldova through economic analysis and consulting.

Policy and Management Consulting Group

Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) is an international development consulting company primarily focused on supporting transitional and developing countries, working in the fields of governance and public management, covering public finance management, economic development policy, doing business reform, anti-corruption and transparency; regional development; and social infrastructure, including water and waste water, solid waste management, energy, and roads.


Idis Viitorul

The Institute for Development and Social Initiatives was established in June 1993 in Moldova. The aim of the institute is to support the development of a liberal market economy and an active civil society through political and economic analysis.

ISET- International School of Economics

The ISET Policy Institute is the leading independent economic policy think-tank in Georgia and the South Caucasus, a one-stop shop for policy research and consulting, training and public policy discussion and debate. The organizational synergies between ISET-PI and ISET ensure the intellectual and financial sustainability of both institutions, as well as their contribution to the strengthening of democratic governance, civil society and economic development in Georgia and the region.

The National Institute for Economic Research (INCE)

The National Institute for Economic Research (INCE) is a public institution (think-tank), which deals with scientific economic research. Main activities are related to scientific research in such fields as economy, finance, statistics, reforming of social sphere and integration of the Republic of Moldova in the world economic circuit.

Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies

The Eastern Institute has since its inception in 1992 been active in the field of co-operation among European countries, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Various projects conducted at different levels have been adding to creation and development of political, economic, cultural and scientific ties among states in the region. The most important project of the Eastern Institute is the Economic Forum.

Otten Consulting

In terms of cooperation with Berlin Economics and the German Advisory Group experts of Otten Consultung are involved in the Tax Code upgrade as consultants for the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.