Policy Support Facility (EU Framework Contract)

Source of Funding: European Union

Period:  2016 – 2020

Market Access and Trade & Investment Agreement Negotiation & Implementation

The Framework Contract (FWC) aims at supporting policy dialogues between the EU and partner countries and at facilitating economic and trade relations with partner countries in the interest of the EU. In particular, the FWC aims at supporting market access for EU products and services in global markets by facilitating policy dialogues with key partners. These actions will contribute to the strategic objective of strengthening the presence of European companies worldwide and improving the EU’s capacity to tackle barriers which block trade and investment by EU businesses and undermine innovation.

Additionally, the FWC will promote the development of international standards based on EU standards at the global level. The specific objective of the FWC is to provide, via specific contracts, short-term expertise which can be mobilised at short notice. Expertise may cover any geographic area, within or outside the European Union.