Reporting on current topics of Berlin Economics’ advisory work

In the context of our advisory work to governments in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia, Berlin Economics hosts a biannual event to report about current economic policy topics in these countries.

The event took place on July 4th in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Using this format we aim to provide an opportunity for representatives of German institutions to get background information about current economic developments.

Our guests made use of their opportunity to ask technical questions and let the project leadership assess their specific political or economic observations. The audience included people from the German Bundestag, the Federal Chancellery, the Federal Foreign Office and other Ministries, Research and Financial institutions and international development cooperation organisations.

This time, questions mainly touched technical details concerning possible non-payments and background information to current economic trends.

We summarise our short presentations for every country in its respective Economic Monitor (available in English only for Georgia and Moldova):

Economic Monitor Moldova

Economic Monitor Georgia