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Our consultancy concept

Through our advice, we contribute to stability and economic growth in transformation- and emerging countries. Hereby, we strive for an individual analysis of each partner country and matching recommendations for strategic decision in economic policy.

Unique specialisation

Our unique specialisation on advising ministries, government institutions -and offices not only results in a long-lasting experience with public agencies in our partner countries, but also direct access to high-ranking decision makers, established through longstanding trustful cooperation, as well as high-quality advice.

A large spectrum of topics

Our highly qualified body of staff and our large network of external experts allow us to react to different economic policy issues in a timely manner.

Precise country expertise

Apart from our direct access to relevant decision-makers, another trademark of our consultancy is precise country expertise, which is fundamental for the success of our work. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, but aim for tailor made solutions for each country.

Local perspective

Cooperating with a large number of partner organisations on the ground, we include the local perspective in our consultancy work. This is a fundamental prerequisite for successfully implementing solutions in the regional environment.

Thorough analysis

Thorough and precise analysis are the basis of our work. We present the results in a clear and technically comprehensible manner with a strong focus on the essentials.

Independent recommendations

We are neither influenced by lobby groups, nor are we limited in our consulting activities by certain research interests.