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Here you find our press releases and other relevant materials.

BE in the media

  • Interview with the LCU expert Rouven Stubbe on the situation at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and the longer-term potential for renewable energy in Ukraine | Radio station Bayern 2, 29.08.2022: Link (in German)
  • “Banking sector during the war: challenges and outlook: Publication of GET-Newsletter on Ukrainian banking sector during war | Vox Ukraine, 14.06.2022: Link
  • “Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction holds meeting with a representative of Berlin Economics”: Article on BE-consultancy on the development of  a mechanical engineering industry in Uzbekistan | UZ Daily, 140.06.2022: Link
  • “Belarus under sanctions: what will happen to prices, incomes and living standards?”: Dmitry Chervyakov in “To the Point” on the state and future developement of the Belarussian economy | Deutsche Welle Belarus, 09.06.2022: Link
  • “Economic reasons for a green reconstruction programme for Ukraine”: Contribution of the energy- and climate team on green reconstruction of Ukraine after the war | Vox Ukraine, 08.06.2022: Link
  • “Stadler Rail: Peter Spuhlers geplatzter Traum von Weissrussland”: Quoting of Robert Kirchner on Stadler Rails investment in Belarus | NZZ, 03.06.2022: Link
  • “Mehr als nur Sprachbarrieren – Ukrainer und der deutsche Arbeitsmarkt”: Interview with Garry Poluschkin on the economic development of Ukraine | HR Info, 03.05.2022: Link
  • “Ukrainian IT industry continues to operate as war rages on”: Quoting of Garry Polushkin on the prospects for Ukraine’s IT sector under wartime conditions | EURACTIV, 21.03.2022: Link
  • “Überlebenskunst und Krisenkampf – Wie stabil ist die Wirtschaft in Belarus?”: Interview with Robert Kirchner on developments in Belarus | “Dekoder” magazine, 22.02.2022: Link
  • “Noch keine Panik vor den Russen”: Quoting of Robert Kirchner on the economic situation in Ukraine | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 24.01.2022: Link

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