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16.06.24 | 14:45

In focus: Solar power for Ukraine – potential and barriers

Ukraine has huge untapped potential for solar power. A new BE study, commissioned by Greenpeace, highlights the opportunities and barriers to expansion.

22.05.24 | 13:49

Tashkent International Investment Forum

On the 2nd and 3rd of May 2024, the Tashkent International Investment Forum (TIIF) took place, featuring a keynote opening by Uzbekistan’s President, Shavkat Mirziyoyev. As part of the German Economic Team project, Berlin Economics participated in a high-ranking panel discussion on Uzbekistan’s green transition.

24.05.24 | 9:37

Conference: Improving the Business Climate in Kosovo

On May 16, 2024, the German-Kosovar Business Association (KDWV) and the German Economic Team (GET) successfully hosted an event at Klan Arena in Pristina, focusing on improving Kosovo’s business climate. The event brought together key stakeholders to discuss the progress and future steps to enhance the business environment in Kosovo.

02.05.24 | 15:14

Publication of study
“The green reconstruction of the residential sector of Bucha”

We are pleased to announce that the final version of study on the Green reconstruction of Bucha has been published.

01.03.24 | 11:02

Conference: Energy-efficient reconstruction of Ukrainian cities

Together with Ecoation, we have organised the conference “Energy-efficient reconstruction of Ukrainian cities” on March 7th, where we also presented our joint study on the topic.

20.02.24 | 11:53

Berlin Economic at the Café Kyiv

On February 19th, 2014 Café Kyiv, organised by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, took place in Berlin. Berlin Economics organised three panels for the event.

22.01.24 | 16:34

New Project: Agricultural policy dialogue Moldova

Together with DLG International, Berlin Economics implements the German-Moldovan Agricultural Policy Dialogue (APD).

13.10.23 | 11:51

Resilience and economic growth: Reform agenda for Moldova

For the upcoming  “Moldova Support Platform” ministerial conference on 17th October in Chişinău with the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Romania, Berlin Economics, via the “German Economic Team”project, identified on request by the Moldovan government reform options and measures having the potential to make the Moldovan economy more resilient and growth-oriented in the medium term.


12.09.23 | 13:07

Interview with LCU project leader Robert Kirchner

Recently, LCU project leader Robert Kirchner has been interviewed by ‘Global 100% RE Ukraine’ on the origins of the LCU project and its role in the Ukrainian energy transition, the importance of European climate legislation for Ukrainian companies and the future economic development of Ukraine.

06.09.23 | 15:33

Information event on government advisory Kosovo at Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action

On September 6th, 2023, the 22nd information event on government advisory Kosovo took place. As a hybrid event, participation was possible both in person at the premises of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), as well as online.

16.06.23 | 15:04

Expert Roundtable – Perspectives on Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has had dramatic humanitarian and economic consequences. While the focus now must be kept on the survival of the war, proposals for reconstruction also need to be developed.

07.06.23 | 8:54

“On the road to Ukraine Recovery Conference: Investing in Community-Led Renewable Energy for a Green and Resilient Reconstruction of Ukraine”

15th June 2023, 11-12.30 pm CET

The reconstruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure requires the use of new financing instruments, in particular at the local level. There are various proposals as to what these could look like.

30.03.23 | 9:09

Roundtable within the framework of the German-Ukrainian energy dialogue

The war in Ukraine has taken its toll on the country’s energy infrastructure. While immediate reconstruction is a priority, a longer-term plan for an energy system that takes into account the changing demands for efficiency, climate protection and sustainability is also needed.

Participation at NRW Business Conference on Reconstruction of Ukraine
22.03.23 | 8:49

Participation at NRW Business Conference on Reconstruction of Ukraine

Berlin Economcs has participated at the NRW Business Conference on Recounstruction of Ukraine. The conference, organised by the NRW Ministry of Economic Affairs, as well as the NRW investment agency “NRW Global Business”, was dedicated to economic issues of reconstruction.

27.02.23 | 18:06

Berlin Economics at Café Kyiv

Berlin Economics took part at Café Kyiv on February 27th and organised a panel on economic recovery, as well as a workshop on energy transition.

19.12.22 | 9:20

GET presents study on the business climate in Kosovo at joint event with the KDWV

On 7 December, the German Economic Team presented its study on possible measures to improve the business climate in Kosovo. The event, which was organised together with the Kosovar-German Economic Association (KDWV), was attended by numerous business representatives as well as representatives of the Kosovar government.

17.11.22 | 8:58

Moldovan National Bureau of Statistics presents first results of business tendency survey

On November 8th, the National Bureau of Statistics presented the first results of a business climate survey. The survey was conducted in accordance with EU standards and accompanied by the German Economic Team.

18.10.22 | 14:35

Workshop with the NBU on Central Bank communication

On 5 and 6 October 2022, the German Economic Team jointly conducted an online workshop on Central Bank communication with the National Bank of Ukraine and the Central Bank of Uzbekistan. The seminar was held by experts of the NBU’s Communications Department, Monetary Policy and Economic Analysis Department, and chaired by Deputy Governor Nikolaychuk.

22.09.22 | 14:54

BE participates at Belarusian Business Forum in Warsaw

Berlin Economics and the German Economic Team participated in the Belarusian Business Forum in Warsaw, a meeting place for the Belarusian exile business community.

01.09.22 | 13:02

Information event with the BMWK – secound part with Belarus, Kosovo and Uzbekistan

On September 2nd, the second part of the 21st information event on government consultation, organised by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), took place. After Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia and Georgia had been in the focus on Tuesday, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kosovo were this time on the agenda.

30.08.22 | 13:40

Information event at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action: The war and its impact

On August 30, the first part of the 21st information event on government consultancy at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) with the German Economic Team took place. The focus was on Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia.  The event was moderated by Mrs. Yildiz Götze, Head of Unit at the Federal Ministry. Dr Andreas Nicolin, Head of Subdivision for the promotion of foreign trade  at BMWK, held the opening remarks.   

29.08.22 | 15:17

How do the EU sanctions affect the Belarusian economy?

DW spoke to experts from Germany and Belarus about which sectors and companies are most affected and how the decline in exports will affect the life of the Belarusian people.

The interview is in Russian.

15.08.22 | 8:00

Berlin Economics takes part at the annual NCP Twinning conference

On 23 June, Berlin Economics participated in the Twinning Annual Meeting of the National Contact Point for Twinning and TAIEX at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWK).

12.08.22 | 15:54

“The danger of a nuclear incident, that is what our Ukrainian interlocutors fear the most at the moment”

“The danger of a nuclear incident, that is what our Ukrainian interlocutors fear the most at the moment”. Rouven Stubbe on the situation at Zaporizhnia Nuclear Power Plant.

22.07.22 | 13:51

Impact of the war in Ukraine on countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe: Low Carbon Ukraine study for the OECD Green Action Task Force

For the annual meeting of the OECD’s Green Action Task Force, we contributed a background study analysing the impact of the war in Ukraine on climate and energy policies in eight countries of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership and Central Asia: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

21.07.22 | 12:23

Putting the green reconstruction of Ukraine into action: Requirements for programme design and policy

On 13 July 2022, VoxUkraine published an article from David Saha, Pavel Bilek, Rouven Stubbe and Manuel von Mettenheim, Anna Ackermann, Anna Danyliak and Viktoriia-Anna Oliinyk on “Putting the green reconstruction of Ukraine into action: Requirements for programme design and policy”.

14.06.22 | 14:22

Green reconstruction roundtable with Ukrainian civil society

On May 31st, Berlin Economics, in the framework of Low Carbon Ukraine, together with Ecoaction and Bankwatch, hosted an online-roundtable on the climate-neutral reconstruction of Ukraine. The event had a total of around 60 participants, including experts from non-governmental organisations, think tanks and international companies.


08.06.22 | 12:19

“Stadler was the most important investment in the technology sector for Lukashenko”

Quotation from Robert Kirchner in Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ)

For the Swiss company Stadler Rail, the investment in Belarus is not paying off. The reasons for this are to be found not only in Western sanctions but also in misconceptions about the possible development of a single Eurasian market, says Robert Kirchner of Berlin Economics.

25.05.22 | 13:09

Georgia and the war in Ukraine: What economic impact?

At the invitation of the German Ambassador in Tbilisi, H.E. Hubert Knirsch, the German Economic Team was given the opportunity to speak on the economic impact of the war in Ukraine on Georgia.

04.05.22 | 14:55

Moldova, Georgia, Armenia: Caught in the maelstrom of Russia’s downturn?

The war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia have a wide range of economic consequences. Particularly affected are countries that have close economic ties with Ukraine and Russia. Russia itself is experiencing a significant drop in GDP.

07.04.22 | 7:57

The Western Balkans and the war in Ukraine

On April 6th, the German Economic Team participated in a conference on the economic development of the Western Balkan countries. The event was organised by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Kosovar-German Business Association.

12.04.22 | 11:06

Panel Discussion on regional impacts of the Ukraine War

On 12.04.2022, the online panel on the impact of the Ukraine war on Moldova, Armenia and Georgia, jointly organised by the German Eastern Business Association and the German Economic Team, took place.

16.03.22 | 16:18

Policy Paper: The implications of the war in Ukraine for global grain supply – What to do?

Russia and Ukraine are among the largest grain producers in the world. Last year, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan accounted for about a quarter of global grain exports. What impact does the war in Ukraine have on supply security and world market prices?


24.02.22 | 16:49

Statement of Berlin Economics concerning recent events in Ukraine

We are concerned and taken aback by the latest developments.

22.02.22 | 11:53

The art of survival and fighting the crisis – How stable is the economy in Belarus?

Interview with Robert Kirchner in the online magazine “Dekoder” on the economic situation in Belarus, structural problems, the effects of the EU sanctions, the role of Russia and China as well as the longer-term economic perspective under Lukashenko.


11.02.22 | 15:58

Quantifying the effects of sanctions on trade and economic growth

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine dominates international news. In the event of an intensified military conflict, the imposition of sanctions is likely. But what effects on the economy, particularly on trade, can be expected?

01.02.22 | 12:03

Ukraine: Despite political risks, the economy and financial markets (still) remain calm

While the geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine dominate the international news, the impact on the Ukrainian economy has been relatively moderate so far.



21.01.22 | 16:20

The prospects of Russian-Ukrainian relations

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is at the centre of global interest. In addition to proposals for immediate conflict resolution, medium- and longer-term perspectives for the relations between the two countries are also necessary.



09.12.21 | 16:34

Coal phase out in Ukraine: Exchange of experiences between German and Ukrainian stakeholders

Ukraine has set itself ambitious climate targets – the country aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 65% by 2030 compared to 1990. By 2060, all sectors are to be completely climate neutral. Achieving this goal will require significant changes that will encompass the entire economy.

08.11.21 | 16:10

Cluster development copper mining: Uzbek deputy minister Abdinazarov visits Berlin Economics

On November 8th, an Uzbek delegation visited Berlin Economics. The delgation wanted to explore possibilities for developing the Uzbek mining industry.

01.11.21 | 13:53

GET-#Newsletters: Digitalization in Ukraine, energy supply in Georgia, economic reforms in Uzbekistan

Three recent GET-Newsletters cover central economic policy topics.

05.10.21 | 8:06

Besnik Bislimi, first deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, visits the BE offices

Kosovo has joined the German Economic Team as the latest project country. On 28 September, the team had the opportunity to meet high-ranking representatives of the Kosovar government during a visit to the project implementer Berlin Economics.

24.08.21 | 13:59

Reception of the German Economic Team by Moldovan Prime Minister

During a trip to Chişinău last week, the German Economic Team had the opportunity to meet high-ranking representatives of the Moldovan government.

13.08.21 | 13:51

Op-ed Euractiv: Integrating Ukraine’s electricity grid into the Europan grid infrastructure

The online news portal “Euractiv” has published an op-ed by Georg Zachmann (Bruegel) and Lukas Feldhaus (BE) on the integration of the Ukrainian electricity grid into the European grid infrastructure. In the piece the authors shed light on the project’s opportunities and problems that still need to be solved.

09.08.21 | 8:53

DLF-interview with Robert Kirchner on Ukraine’s economic development

On August 10th, 2021, Robert Kirchner, deputy leader of the German Economic Team, was interviewed by Andre Zantow, editor of “Weltzeit” at DeutschlandRadio Kultur, on the economic situation in Ukraine.


24.06.21 | 14:10

GSP Workshop Uzbekistan

On 24 June, the German Economic Team participated in the GSP Workshop Uzbekistan. During the event, GET consultant Woldemar Walter presented the results of a study to further improve Uzbekistan’s export opportunities.

16.06.21 | 14:23

Economic Monitors for GET-partner countries

On June 17th and 18th, the German Economic Team presents the Economic Monitors for Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Armenia to representatives of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

21.06.21 | 13:32

Green hydrogen from Ukraine?

In the German daily “Tagesspiegel” from June 10th, Dr. Georg Zachmann and Lukas Feldhaus assess and comment on the German government’s plans to import green hydrogen from Ukraine.