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Network of Experts

Berlin Economics has an excellent network of renowned external experts who can be deployed on a permanent or topic-specific basis as needed. The network is constantly being expanded.

Alexander Ließem


Alexander Ließem is a lawyer and partner at the Minsk office of bnt attorneys in CEE. Since 2014, he has been advising Berlin Economics on issues related to various legal and economic reform aspects, including labour market law, state-owned enterprise management, privatization and investor identification.

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Veronika Movchan

Academic Director IER Kyiv

Veronika Movchan is Academic Director at the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Andrius Simkus


Andrius Simkus is a high-profile energy lawyer with more than 14 years of working experience in all fields of energy production and -efficiency.

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Thomas Otten

Managing Director, Otten Consulting LLC

Since 2010 Thomas Otten and Berlin Economics are working together on a project regarding the Ukrainian tax- and accounting-system.

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Dr Klaus Wohlrabe

 ifo Center for Macroeconomics and Surveys, Deputy Head

Dr Klaus Wohlrabe is Deputy Director of the ifo Center for Macroeconomics and Surveys and Head of the Department for Surveys.

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Professor Enzo Weber

Professor for Empirical Economic Research, Regensburg University

Professor Dr. Enzo Weber is Professor of Empirical Economics, especially Macroeconometrics and Labour Market at the University of Regensburg.

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Björn Vogler

Development and Industrial Policy Consultant

Björn Vogler has been collaborating with Berlin Economics on various industrial and structural policy issues as well as economic development projects since 2015.

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Professor Stefan Ulreich

Professor of Energy Economics, Biberbach University of Applied Sciences

Stefan Ulreich is professor of Energy Economics at Biberach University of Applied Sciences. Previously, he was working for E. ON for many years, where he was advising the Board as a senior expert.

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Professor Matthias Lücke

Senior Researcher, Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Professor Matthias Lücke is a senior researcher at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, an adjunct professor at Kiel University, and a Fellow at the CASE Centre for Social and Economic Research, Warsaw.

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Dr Alexander Knuth

Consultant, Knuth Consulting GmbH

Dr. Alexander Knuth is an expert on the issues of SME policy and economic development.

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Per Fischer

Banking Sector Development Eastern Europe

Per Fischer has worked in the banking sector in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries for many years and has more than 30 years of practical professional experience in the banking sector.

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Dr Hans Janus

Lawyer & Business Consultant, Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Hans Janus studied Law and Russian Language at the universities in Bochum, Hamburg and at the Moscow State University (Lomonosov University).

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Dr Norbert Irsch

Banking Sector Eastern Europe

Dr. Norbert Irsch is Berlin Economics’ independent expert for Eastern Europe’s banking sectors.

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Professor Jörg Franke

Financial Sector Development

Since 2010 Professor Franke supports Berlin Economics in consultancy projects with his expertise regarding the development of the financial sector, especially the development of futures exchanges.

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Professor Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel

Chair of Agricultural Policy, Georg-August University Göttingen

Professor Dr. von Cramon-Taubadel is Chair for Agricultural Policy at the Department of Agricultural Economics at the Georg-August University Göttingen.

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