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Berlin Economic at the Café Kyiv

On February 19th, 2014 Café Kyiv, organised by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, took place in Berlin. Berlin Economics organised three panels for the event.

The event featured an array of panels that delved into economic reconstruction, climate policy, and green reconstruction of Ukraine. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the distinguished panelists, whose insights and expertise contributed to the depth and breadth of the discussions.

Economic Reconstruction: A focal point of the event was the panel on economic reconstruction, which explored Germany’s supportive mechanisms for Ukraine’s economic resilience, the prospects of EU integration, and innovative financing models for reconstruction efforts. The panel was notably enriched by introductory keynote speeches from Stefanishyna Olga, Deputy Prime Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, and a welcome address by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, highlighting the international dimension of Ukraine’s economic recovery journey.

Climate Policy: The climate policy panel focused on advancing climate goals amidst the war. The discussions emphasized the integration of climate and energy policies as Ukraine moves towards EU accession, underscoring the importance of sustainable development for the country’s economic and technological future.

The panel commenced with a keynote address by Yaroslav Demchenkov, Deputy Minister for Energy of Ukraine.

Green Reconstruction: The urgency of green reconstruction in Ukraine’s cities and communities was the theme of another panel, which presented insights from a forthcoming study on the topic. This discussion underscored the necessity of embedding green principles in the reconstruction process, ensuring that Ukraine’s recovery is aligned with environmental sustainability, practices and standards.

Overall, CaféKyiv 2024 provided a platform for comprehensive discussions, offering diverse perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing Ukraine. A common theme across all panels was the considerable task ahead, necessitating a joint effort by all stakeholders involved.