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Cluster development copper mining: Uzbek deputy minister Abdinazarov visits Berlin Economics

On November 8th, an Uzbek delegation visited Berlin Economics. The delgation wanted to explore possibilities for developing the Uzbek mining industry.

Uzbekistan has experienced impressive economic growth in recent years. The focus is mainly on agricultural products; mining is only slightly developed despite the abundant mineral resources.

In order to change this, an Uzbek delegation is currently on a fact-finding mission in Europe, led by the Deputy Minister for Economic Development, Bobur Abdinazarov. One stop on the trip was Berlin Economics, which is active in the country in the context of high-level government consultations. Berlin Economics is delighted to further advance the trustful and constructive cooperation with the Uzbek government by another aspect.

In addition to the economic policy aspects of mining, the talks also focused on technical and administrative issues.