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GET-#Newsletters: Digitalization in Ukraine, energy supply in Georgia, economic reforms in Uzbekistan

Three recent GET-Newsletters cover central economic policy topics.

  • NL Ukraine: Ukraine has a booming digital start-up sector. Kiev, the centre of Ukrainian digital development, is home to over 1000 registered start-ups. These include applications that are well-known and successful beyond the country’s borders, such as Grammarly or Reface. In stark contrast to this is the lack of digitalisation of classic companies as well as public administration. The newsletter provides an overview of the reasons for this development as well as recommendations for action.

Newsletter Ukraine

  • NL Georgia: Georgian electricity demand has always significantly exceeded supply in recent years. The reasons for this are on the one hand gratifying (high economic growth), on the other hand too low prices as well as booming sectors such as cryptominig. At the same time, the country has set itself ambitious expansion targets. To achieve this goal, sustainable reforms are important. The newsletter sheds light on the background to this.

Newsletter Georgia

  • NL Uzbekistan: Since 2017, Uzbekistan has undertaken far-reaching reform efforts. After five years, it is time to take stock. What has been achieved, what is still to be done?

Newsletter Uzbekistan