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Publication of study
"The green reconstruction of the residential sector of Bucha"

We are pleased to announce that the final version of study on the Green reconstruction of Bucha has been published.

The study, authored by Pavel Bilek, Rouven Stubbe, and Dinara Saparova, focuses on the sustainable reconstruction of Bucha’s residential sector. Supported by expert analysis from Ecoaction and IC Ukraine, the research explores cost-effective and energy-efficient approaches to rebuilding Bucha’s damaged housing stock.

Hereby, the study models two energy efficiency scenarios—upgrading to minimum standards and advancing to near-zero energy standards—against current and cost-covering energy price scenarios. The findings reveal that while the initial cost estimates range between EUR 214 million and EUR 318 million, the energy efficiency improvements could lead to a reduction in energy usage by up to 73%.

These results emphasize the economic and environmental benefits of adopting sustainable reconstruction practices. They provide vital insights for policymakers, stakeholders, and investors involved in urban reconstruction efforts.

The full study can be downloaded here.

Download PDF