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Energy and Climate

Transition economies face specific challenges in energy and climate policy. Berlin Economics develops solutions tailored to their needs.


Energy and climate policy issues pose a particular challenge in the context of transition and emerging economies. On the one hand, these countries have a lot of catching up to do economically, which makes an increase in energy consumption unavoidable. On the other hand, raw materials and resources are no longer available to the same extent as in the classic industrialised countries of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In addition, the fight against climate change places tight limits on the consumption of fossil fuels. Transformation economies must therefore manage two processes in parallel: promoting their own industrial development and decarbonising the economy. With its consultancy services, Berlin Economics is helping to coordinate these processes efficiently and make them as socially acceptable as possible.


In order for Ukraine to achieve its energy efficiency goals, a number of political reform measures are required. The study helps to identify necessary reforms.