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Energy and Climate

Transition economies face specific challenges in energy and climate policy. Berlin Economics develops solutions tailored to their needs.


Energy and climate policy issues pose a particular challenge in the context of transition and emerging economies. On the one hand, these countries have a great need to catch up economically; on the other hand, the resources that enabled the classic industrialised countries to advance economically in the past are currently no longer available. This means that transition economies have to manage two processes in parallel, namely industrial development on the one hand and the decarbonisation of the economy on the other.  Berlin Economics contributes with its consulting services to efficiently coordinate these processes and to make them as socially acceptable as possible.


Reaching Ukraine’s energy and climate targets

In order for Ukraine to achieve its energy efficiency goals, a number of measures are required. The anthology analyses policy options and points out possible solutions.

The idea to develop these ten “Policy Proposals” arose in the course of LCU’s support to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine in the preparation of a national energy and climate plan for Ukraine.
While some of Ukraine’s climate goals are very ambitious, there is often a lack of concrete policy options to realise these goals. For the most important issues, the anthology provides comprehensive analyses and proposes concrete options for solutions based on international experience.

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