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Private Sector Development

The aim of our consulting activities in this area is to support partner countries in attracting foreign direct investment, improving the investment climate and promoting small and medium-sized enterprises.


An investment-friendly business climate is crucial for the further economic development of transition and emerging economies.  However, potential investors are not infrequently restricted by outdated regulatory structures and laws that are not very business-friendly. A binding and comprehensible legal framework is, however, particularly crucial for attracting foreign direct investment.

Small and medium-sized enterprises often play a pioneering role in technological development. Their promotion therefore plays a particularly important role. With its advisory services, Berlin Economics contributes to promoting and supporting the private sector in partner countries as an indispensable component of positive economic development.



Improving investment climate in Kosovo

Private investment is one of the most important determinants of economic development. Hence, a good investment climate is crucial in Kosovo. This study provides an overview of the status quo and identifies opportunities for improvement.