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GSP Workshop

On 24 June, the German Economic Team participated in the GSP Workshop Uzbekistan. During the event, GET consultant Woldemar Walter presented the results of a study to further improve Uzbekistan’s export opportunities.


The study identifies products with high export potential and analyses potential export barriers in a second step.

Fruit and vegetables as well as clothing are among Uzbekistan’s main export goods. Problems in exporting to the EU include the guarantee of an unbroken cold chain, the availability of certain packaging materials and certification. In the area of clothing and textiles, it is above all the continuing reservations in Europe regarding compliance with labour standards that limit export opportunities, although Uzbekistan meets the standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

To address these problems, the study proposes, among other things, investments in pre-cooling warehouses, the reduction of import duties on packaging materials, education, training and financial support for quality management in companies, as well as an information campaign in the EU on compliance with ILO standards in Uzbekistan.

Policy Briefing