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Low Carbon Ukraine – Policy Advice on Low Carbon Policies for Ukraine

The purpose of the Low Carbon Ukraine (LCU) project is to support the Ukrainian government to pursue an active, effective and above all sustainable energy and climate policy. The ultimate goal of the policy advice is to trigger policy decisions that imply a lower emission-pathway.


The project is designed to work in a demand-driven, results-oriented, and open manner. Instead of offering ready-made solutions, the idea of the LCU project is to identify the relevant questions together with Ukrainian decision-makers and to tackle these questions in co-creation with Ukrainian experts. In addition, the projects sets the course for a modern climate policy by providing the government with demand-driven analytical support and policy proposals.

The project team works in close cooperation with Ukrainian decision-makers to ensure the political relevance of the treated topics, the optimal application of local knowledge, and to enhances political ownership. Moreover, co-creation helps to strengthen analytical capacities in Ukrainian authorities and civil society on a long-term and sustainable basis.

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