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Roundtable within the framework of the German-Ukrainian energy dialogue

The war in Ukraine has taken its toll on the country’s energy infrastructure. While immediate reconstruction is a priority, a longer-term plan for an energy system that takes into account the changing demands for efficiency, climate protection and sustainability is also needed.

As part of the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership, Low Carbon Ukraine organised a roundtable on March 29th with the Ukrainian Deputy Energy Minister Yaroslav Demchenkov, as well as German and Ukrainian think tanks, NGOs and representatives of public institutions. In addition to measures to rebuild Ukraine’s war-damaged energy infrastructure, the main topic on the agenda was the climate-neutral conversion of Ukraine’s energy supply.

Simon Wolffram, Policy Officer at BMWK, and Robert Kirchner, head of the Low Carbon Ukraine project, gave the introductory remarks to the event. Afterwards, the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Energy presented his vision of a climate-friendly reconstruction.

In the subsequent discussion, the most important means and measures to achieve the presented goals were discussed. Demchenkov emphasised the significance of international support and thanked the present representatives for the advice, technical consultation and assistance of their respective organisations in this endeavour, including Low Carbon Ukraine.