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Macroeconomic Forecasting and Prognosis

On the basis of scientifically sound models, Berlin Economics develops application-oriented economic forecasts for selected countries.


Within the scope of economic consulting, the analysis and forecast of macroeconomic developments is one of the core competencies of Berlin Economics. For this purpose, Berlin Economics develops macroeconomic models based on the latest scientific-quantitative research.

On this basis, in addition to macroeconomic forecasts, we model the impact of economic policy measures, e.g. in the tax system, and analyse their effects on the overall economic development.

In the case of strategic issues, such as the design of monetary or exchange rate policy, Berlin Economics develops appropriate recommendations for action based on international “best practice” and precise knowledge of the country. With applied quantitative analyses and targeted recommendations, it supports decision-makers in making optimal use of the instruments of monetary, exchange rate and fiscal policy.



Economic implications of the war in Ukraine on several countries

What is the impact of the war in Ukraine on several regional economies? Berlin Economics has assessed the implications within the GET project.

Economic Monitors of GET countries

As part of an ongoing series, Berlin Economics periodically publishes an overview of macroeconomic developments in the GET advisory countries.