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Ukraine in focus

This week has been all about Ukraine. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the highly acclaimed Ukraine Recovery Conference took place in Berlin, where we had the opportunity to attend. In addition to the panels, there were many opportunities for interesting background discussions with other participants. There were also numerous side events where key issues were discussed in more detail.

The URC 2024 was accompanied by a number of pre-events that prepared the content of the conference and offered the opportunity to discuss certain topics in greater depth. Among others, we participated in a panel discussion organised by Deloitte on financing reconstruction and in the SPD Economic Forum. Our contributions were based on our current advisory and research activities in Ukraine, which include investment promotion and energy and climate policy.

Foreign direct investment will be crucial to Ukraine’s reconstruction and economic modernisation. In our investment study, we suggest a number of measures to improve the investment climate.

On behalf of Greenpeace, we have also analysed how accelerating the expansion of solar power generation capacity can not only help Ukraine meet its climate change targets, but also increase its security of supply (link).

Another highlight of this and last week was the publication of an article in Internationale Politik (link) in which Robert Kirchner and Garry Poluschkin outline the conditions for an investment-led reconstruction of the country. These include:

  1. International financial support: Continued international financial support for Ukraine’s state budget is crucial for the country’s resilience.
  2. Risk mitigation and public guarantees: The implementation of risk mitigation measures and the provision of public state guarantees against war-related risks are essential to encourage private investment.
  3. Continued reforms: Continued efforts and progress in reforming the investment climate will ensure long-term growth and prepare Ukraine for EU membership.